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White Hat SEO Techniques

By October 18, 2019March 18th, 2020Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is the way of improving the visibility of a web page or a website in a search engine (SE). That visibility is ‘natural’ and unpaid (‘organic’). All search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., rank those websites based on what is most relevant to users. That is the ultimate goal of SEs from the user perspective.

To reach many users, sites have to be ranked high in search results. As with anything in the world, SEO also has clean ways and dirty ways to get the thing done. White hat SEO techniques are the ethical ones accepted by SEs while the black hat SEO technique, on the other hand, is not acceptable by SEs, but those can boost page’s position in search results. From those, SEs are ‘fooled’ to give higher positions to pages, but it has no benefits for the visitors.

First, let’s have a look at some white hat SEO techniques.

Quality content for the user is the best way to rank the site. SEs continuously look at the content to index sites in their search results. Including keywords in a natural way in page components such as title, headings, links, anchor texts and in the body as well as inside tag is important. Not only adding good content, but you must also update it to stay higher in search results. Use of titles and ‘META Data is another white hat SEO technique. The title should give a clear idea about what the content is. META tag is an HTML tag which provides information about a page. A short description and most important keywords should be included in this tag. Usage of correct HTML markup helps SEs to identify page components such as headings, body, etc., easily. In order to enable SEs to crawl every page of the site, ‘Site Maps should be created. CSS support to separate the content from markup. It will increase the keyword density.

Marketing plan

To be ranked high, pages can link to quality content for what users are searching for. Use ‘Backlinking’ to increase the quality of your site. Backlink means a link to your website from another website. SEs consider backlinks as ‘votes’ and this helps to determine the page rank.

Additionally, it’s better to build interlinks between pages of the same sites, to increase the rank. Another white hat SEO technique is to write image descriptions of the site. It will help web crawlers to crawl and show your site in search results. Let’s have a look at some black hat SEO techniques. Keyword stuffing, that is overused of keywords in the comments and Meta’s tags. ‘Content hides’ is another. Content can be hidden on ‘comment tags,