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5 Awful Things that People Actually Think Are True About SEO

By October 20, 2019March 18th, 2020Search Engine Optimization

As an SEO firm in the USA, we know damaging myths afflict companies all across the country. SEO is widely misunderstood and it’s why so many companies fail to take full advantage of it. Unfortunately, myths tend to spread and people immediately start doing the wrong things. 93 percent of online experiences begin with some sort of search engine. We’ve compiled five of the worst myths about SEO for your benefit.

1. Freshness is Key

Google brought out a new update in November 2011 designed to encourage regular new content on websites. Unfortunately, they meant this to apply to websites like news websites. They didn’t mean it had to apply to websites which are designed to be static like hoteliers and government information websites.

You still need to make sure you have something like a blog which is updated every so often, but it doesn’t need to be every few days; once a week or once every two weeks will suffice.

2. Paid Rankings

You can’t pay anyone to get you to the top of the search engine rankings. If you’re paying someone to do the work for you, realize they’re merely taking some of the work away from you. They might be doing things the right way, but nobody can guarantee you the top spot for a highly competitive keyword.

The chances are the other sites on page one are also paying people to give them a hand, therefore they cancel each other out. The only way this would work is if you were the only person with an expert on your side.

3. Buying SEO Services won’t get results

We would always recommend finding an SEO firm in USA to help you with your SEO needs. The touch of an expert can bring you real results which you wouldn’t otherwise get.

4. A Possible Landing Page

Dedicated landing pages do not form the core of your SEO policy. The main reason for this is the fact a landing page is just a page like every other. Google looks at them in exactly the same way. You should treat every page on your website as a possible landing page. Show this in your SEO strategy.

5. About Your Ranking

We can get lost in our zeal to hit the first page of Google. We see ranking as the most important thing in the world. The amount of money your business gains doesn’t directly influence your ranking, and vice-versa. This is about making money and nothing else. Don’t neglect the rest of your website in favor of SEO. Concentrate on increasing the quality of the user experience. Conversion is ultimately what will make you money in the end.