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Ever wondered why there is a press release as an official statement for all statutory or launching of anything VVIP? I’m guessing you know it already but anyway let me say it again for you.
Well, as it seems, having anything communed through a press release means a serious business and the most credible way (to an extent) to announce something of vital importance and significance.

Well, as it seems, having anything communed through a press release means a serious business and the most credible way (to an extent) to announce something of vital importance and significance.

So, why in the internet wouldn’t it also apply the same to your contents on a digital space? Think of it as your customer’s manual copy to enter into your ball game.

Let me narrate to you an example so that you really grasp the importance of a good press release (try to be visually imaginative here).

Right, firstly consider that you have finally invented a miracle pill that’s going to increase the life span of a person to about another 50 years. And you had been highly motivated to achieve this as you madly deeply truly want the Queen of England to hang on a little longer there so that you could get a chance to have a high tea session with her (okay Simon, I can see you rolling your eyes at me now).

Anyways as I was saying…Unfortunately or fortunately, you’re on a budget here, so what do you do to make your invention publicly known and also get a very hardcore statement from a reputed establishment confirming the credibility of it?

Not that easy, huh?

Well, that’s where you, my dear fellow peasants, come to someone significant and capable to get the word out via a press release. This suffices to a very credible source as it is, first off, conducted on a public domain and secondly, clarifies to all possible scepticism and questions of the critics. Their word, mind you, is mightier than the sword.

Now, say that your message got popped up in the social media pages of a few interested journalists, influential people and a huge mass of people all over the world. They in turn forwards or links your message board to people they know. They would have probably done because they think it’s a good piece of entertaining content to send around to people they know.

But their intention really doesn’t matter much here, all you want is that your word gets to as many people as it can.

Finally, it has reached to the gadgets and ears of the Buckingham Palace due to all the numerous rounds and talks about it.

Maybe just maybe, the Queen really needs something to help her get up on her feet. And probably your miracle pill worked on some subjects that were tested for its value. So one fine day you get a call right from the office of the Queen’s doctor.

Yeah, I know it’s very overwhelming to even think about it.

But that’s exactly the point of unleashing the power of a good press release. It is indeed overwhelming!

If you look for yourself in the world today, you will be able to affirm to the fact of social media networks being the face of fast and in most cases effective method of communication.

Maybe a decade ago, public relations were the only outlet for advertising businesses to the public, but not so much now. Especially when we talk about online businesses, I don’t think it is necessarily so.

Now, all online businesses have accustomed themselves to PRESS RELEASES.

This not only paves a faster mode of communication for you but has made advertising cheaper and easily accessible. Gone are the days of heavy and time consuming paper work.


With the advent of accessible resources available online, we publish and distribute press releases in multi-folds across all social media platforms. Better the press releases, the better for your brand’s image.

Not just in writing alone, but with images, videos and other such multi-media releases. This will get your brand across in a more intimate and interesting way.


When we come to the digital world, there is nothing more important than SEO. Hence, our services provide your brand with the essential and effective keywords that will optimize your press releases. Through this your customers and potential customers will now be able to more easily access your services and relevant information of your brand.


To expand your information to the public, we service through the use of adding relevant links to your other web pages. This will enable in directing your customers, viewers and potential investors to further information about your other services.


Not only is advertising your brand enough, your updated versions also needs to be known. That is why we have our press release distribution service in place so that all your new products and facilities are immediately drafted and sent through all major social networks. This will greatly impress on search engines and target various journalists.


It is futile to do all this if we don’t focus on making your information and brand convenient for your clients. Keeping that in mind, our services is all about making it simple, smooth and easy (even though it definitely is not) for your clienteles by making your brand information readily available on the web and their smart phones.

We as a team have followed and studied numerous clients and consumers alike to perfect our skills in understanding what triggers the average population into buying.

And it’s exactly why you need a professional to help you speak or write of your work and its objectives in a strategic method. It is only going to earn for you and not damage you.

The services we provide are strategically navigated and planned to optimize your presence in this very competitive business. A brief note of our services that you can avail from us is:


Press releases with social media are now:

  • Key SEO tools that enable customers, investors and other target groups learn and get to know online companies such as yours.
  • Communication systems that can get your message without tamper across the public domain.

The world has awoken to the importance of online press releases for their businesses. Thus, our company has also woken to the fact of providing professional and expertise-based service to this growing internet buzz.

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