About LineLogic

LineLogic, Inc. is a growing creative agency located in West Houston, Texas. Our team consists of various experts in computer science, business and professional marketing strategists. We originally started our endeavor to express our creativity by developing websites as a small team, and through our experiences, we officially launched Line-Logic.com on August 8th, 2017.

Although a website design company can work efficiently remote we recognize the urge to put an email address to a face. We travel to most areas in Texas and recently expanded Minnesota in September 2018.

With the competitive world of e-marketing and the growing website development costs, we understand the need to produce a top performing digital presence that excels above the rest. We have seen many business and companies investing a huge amount of capital on a website with the hopes of gaining clients and improving sales but fail to generate the expected goals.

Many clients have often experienced an expensive flop while hiring the wrong website development teams for promoting and generating organic revenue through their website. This is because they employ inexperienced agencies who have little or no knowledge about website management and the internet market algorithm works. We provide quality service in website development, Cloud Website hosting for new business and companies or innovating existing websites.

Our Passion

Quality Hosting

For every website that we develop, we take special care in hosting it wisely, which is why we use cloud hosting. This hosting technique allows your site to run at a faster speed and load pages more quickly so that your visitors are not turned off by impatience.

WordPress Maintenance

We also manage WordPress Maintenance by updating. Deactivating/ activating themes and plugins with the latest versions for writers. We also specialize in running WordPress backup and managing remote backup files and edit users. There are many things you can customize on a WordPress site, and this customization is what makes it SEO friendly.
Support Live Chat

We program websites to support live chat to increase interaction with your customer. We design your chat console where you can answer chat requests, monitor website users, control information and communications. We build proactive chats in a way that it doesn’t bother live users or frustrate them by monitoring their activities.

On-Page/Off-Page SEO

When we develop a website for any company, we also take care in generation on-page and off page SEO so that your site will stay relevant in the search engine ranks and get noticed by prospects. We focus on the right demands for keywords and localize the content.

Other Services

We also offer web related services such as mobile web design or responsive design, site optimization, site maintenance and consultancy, search functions and interactive forms. We also have expertise in site redesign and optimization, content management, graphics optimization, and numerous website development services.

Our Work Ethic

To ensure that our clients receive quality results and that they are getting their investment worth of service, we follow these regimented processes:

Concept development

When customers approach up for consultation and quote, we let the customer decide on the aspects of the website that they would like us to create. We respect every kind of business and see potentials to widen our experiences. The clients dictate essential elements like the purpose of the site, depicting the company or organization’s image through graphics and site content while we give our inputs to improve them.

Information Organization

When we are clear of the requirements of our clients, we then present a structure on how to put out the information into an organized and appropriate section. For example, structuring the search function and where to place it or modeling the interactive form and how much information to provide, are some of the minor details that have to be strategically organized to make it more user-friendly.

Site Creation and Testing

The website goes through thorough testing by our professional agents on different screen resolutions and browsers. The site is accessed on desktop, laptops, mobile browsers and all other internet devices. We ensure that all HTML and scripts are debugged and tested to ensure compliance with the existing standards.
Site Launch and Promotion
When the site passes all tests and trials, it is launched for the customers for testing. We make sure that we guide you throughout the way to get a first-hand experience and feedback to improve the site if there are any mishaps.

We provide transparency of services to our clients so that you are well acquainted with all the details of the website which you are responsible for.
We register the final product to search engines and directories to ensure that you are listed along with the other websites. We also provide additional marketing tools and solutions to improve the site if necessary.

Site Maintenance

Once your site is functional, most web developers think that their job is complete. But we ensure that you have a smooth running website even without our help. We provide maintenance strategy depending on our client’s needs and requirement. We offer updated versions of plug-ins and change information on the site accordingly or when needed.
Although we follow these processes stringently, we are also flexible in experimenting with new methods and incorporating new ideas. We want your website to stand out and perform better with each change that we make.

Our Values

We aim to create a long-term establishment to keep the business at a steady rate by following methodical strategies. We place a high priority on the return of investment, so the increase in our client’s customer is our reward through high yielding email marketing tactics.

We want to see our clients excel and perform better than they did without the website. We dedicate our expertise in translating clients’ needs into innovative and creative designs and offer all our capabilities to ensure that you are satisfied with the result.

Contact Us

If you trust in our potentials and feel that our work ethics and aims fit your requirements, let us know with a message. We have an interactive customer care service that is available throughout the day, ready to answer your queries and provide information that you need. We would be interested in learning about your business and offer our services in quickly capturing as many organic clients without spending an excessive amount.

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