Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a service that optimizes your website in such a way that it get several clicks, views, visits, and be among the top suggested sites in the SERP (search engine result page). The SEO service is like an online marketing strategy that is greatly surpassing paid ads (e.g. Google Ads) in producing website traffic.

SEO Pros

The game is on

You are not the only player in this game. So, level up and gain more points before your competitors defeat you. Your competitors have already joined the hunt. SEO is a growing online marketing strategy which is expected to receive a huge share in the 45% allocation for online in the marketing budget of a typical firm by 2020.

Customer assurance

There are several SEO facts; one of them states that 72% of customers living within the vicinity paid a visit to the store which they searched in the web. It is also said that it is the first four results in the SERP that gets clicked by a percentage of 95.3%. SEO is one of the smartest and cheapest routes to make your website rank among the top, thereby eventually inviting more customers.

SEO Cons

i) Quality Vs Quantity

To add credibility and value, which most viewers expect from the website content, it is crucial for links to be present

ii) Sow the seeds in a fertile land

Similar to harvesting, even for SEO content, it is vital to invest in a fertile land. It is pointless to sow perfect seeds in an infertile land.

iii) Regular maintenance

Ensuring you provide quality content, reliable links, and abide by the guidelines of the most used search engine can help boost your website traffic.

This question could have been a doubt in the 1990s, however in this fast-paced generation; SEO beyond question is a must-have marketing tool for a website. Be it a website that is talking about socks or a website that provides services, to stay visible and relevant among the several other similar sites is the key. SEO can help you achieve that.

As individuals, we all want to get our work done fast and good. So, we skim through the article headings and meta description provided, and click the website that seems to address the subject we require. However, if the first result page doesn’t seem to or didn’t provide the detail accurately, then we move on to the search bar. It is almost rare for anyone to click on to the next page of a SERP.


SEO services we offer

Search Engine Optimization works through many processes, however the four prominent methods which we specialize in are: Content marketing, architecture of the website, adding quality links, and the technical facets of SEO.

Content marketing – it deals with the creativity in which the content of the website is marketed. Everyone loves a good content.

Website architecture – this determines the user experience. Certain good quality UXs involves the website being mobile-friendly, quick website loading, etc. It is to help the user navigate through your webpage.

Addition of quality links – this involves the adding of quality links to the website content. Referencing other websites and getting linked by other websites is a good form of growth and the website can see gradual increase in traffic.

Technical SEO – it is what it sounds like. This category deals with the technical aspects of SEO. The above mentioned factors play prominent roles, however the technical aspect is what helps the SEO website take its first step forward.

UI Design

Web Design


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