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5 Biggest Mistakes that Website Owners Mak

By January 10, 2020Business Website
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You’ve just opened an online business, but you can’t figure out why you’re not converting. Your site looks fine. You’ve given it lots of content, it’s appealing, and you’ve managed to get lots of traffic, but no matter what you try, your sales history still looks grim.
You’ve probably made one of the five biggest mistakes that website owners typically make, or a combination thereof. Here’s what they are, and how to fix it.

Loading like a Snail Is Sure to Fail

Slow loading web pages are the bane of all online businesses. While your site pages may load quickly for you, not everyone has high speed internet. Some people still use 56 k modems, and if your potential customers are forced to pull out their hair while they wait for your site pages to load, you can be pretty darn sure that you’ve lost a sale.

Graphics, pictures, video feeds and too much content on a page will cause it to load slowly. While your page may look informative and professional, people aren’t going to wait for it to load. Simple is better, especially in this case.

Banner Ads Don’t Work

Banner ads make your site look cheesy and unprofessional. On top of that, they don’t work. Most free sites use banner ads, and if you’re running a business, you definitely don’t want to use free sites as a vehicle for your business.

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Keyword Overkill

Sure, keywords are a great way to get you site noticed by search engines, but don’t load your content pages down with them. Remember, search engines are important, but your customers are far more important. People don’t like to read keyword gibberish.

Instead, use your keywords sparingly, but write your content for humans. Make your content interesting and informative, and your customers will come back for more.

Bad English

If you’re running on online business, you want people to be impressed with your product, site and professionalism. Nothing tarnishes that image like bad English on your website. Your site doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect, but it should be as close as possible. If you can’t write grammatically correct content for your site, you should consider hiring a professional to do it for you. A ghostwriter will cost you a few extra bucks, but you’ll make it all back in future sales.

Old…Boring…Stale…Uninteresting Content

If you want your customers to return, you need to update your site every once in a while. People aren’t going to return to your site to read old, boring content that has been there since the computer was first invented. Most website owners don’t pay attention to this part of their marketing scheme, and thus fail to attract repeat customers.

Don’t have the time to update your website material?

Hire an SEO expert or ghostwriter to do it for you. The fact is you probably have better things to do anyways.

Avoid these costly mistakes, and your online business is sure to flourish. Don’t allow yourself, your business or your pocketbook to suffer because of these mistakes. Take action now!