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Website development involves the developing of a website. Quite contrary to website designing, web development finds performance in coding. It specializes in websites that are dynamic and has several connections. These can involve e-commerce websites, social media sites, and online program providing services. As mentioned, a website can either be stiff and static or intricate and dynamic in experience and structure. While web development can create a static site, it is still best to leave that to the web designers whose expertise lies there, and let web development do its work in developing a dynamic site.

Breaking down website development process

Breaking down website development process

Without proper research and gathering of details and information, developing a website is futile. Anything for that matter, without an objective or goal, no project can initiate. Hence, the web development team gathers the required data, study it, and accordingly sketch out the ideal web structure.


With the collected information, the web development team grows the skeleton of the website. This skeleton plays a crucial role, because it will set the frame of the website. In this process, the home page of the website will be determined, and what other pages that will be linked to the buttons and links added.


You will first need to catch the attention of your visitors. Only then can you carry on to the next stage that can determine whether they will convert to customers. Hence, the design elements are important aspects when it comes to website development and launching your very own website.

Creating content

After successfully getting the visitors to stay in your website, the next factor that will estimate the conversion rate is the content presented. The team comes up with creative and relevant content. This can be assisted by the team members specializing in SEO. A separate group apart from the technical aspects will be putting more input.

Yes, we have reached the coding stage

Web development cannot be accomplished without some coding done. Don’t let this worry you, if editing later on (by yourself who has no coding knowledge) is where your concern lies. Most web development teams in the industry work with CMS; this lets the clients make any further correction or addition without having to code. It provides simple user interface. This stage involves adding the muscles and organs designed in the designing phase to the skeleton framed. It gives life to all the buttons and links designed on every webpage; each interconnected and finally placed in the homepage.

Test and recheck

After creating the website, it is vital to always test your creation. The need to check this is because this process can help identify and scrutinize any overseen errors. Mistakes are inevitable, that’s why you always have the option to recheck and redo any faults. It is important to not skip this step, because regret is a guarantee if you fail.


After the editing process is completed, it is time for the created website to launch in to the big wide web. Any update can also always be in check. Don’t stop reading; this is only the seventh step.


As mentioned earlier, the launch of the website is not the end. Especially for a website that has more plans of growth and development. Your business or objective set will expand definitely; hence regular maintenance of your website is as crucial as its inception.

This question can sound very ridiculous, because the answer is as evident as this generation is. These days, technology is even at a child’s finger tip. There is high competition not only in presentation and design, but also in user experience of the website. Soon, the e-commerce will be taking over the regular retail. And, if you are involved in e-commerce, then without quality website development, your business is going to lose its way.

Every deal and business trade are finding themselves; standing on an online platform, and the customers are only more expecting easier and safer transaction and purchase. One will forget e-commerce, when they will realize that social media networking sites require even more web development. And, its growth is showing no sign of losing relevance yet. At the end of the day, it can always be simply understood that if you want web traffic and growth for your blog or online business, and reduce bounce rates, then developing your website is the key.

The need for web development


The two sides of the coin

As mentioned, developing a website performs and serves in two manners, they are: front-end development and back-end development. The front-end development is the process that will take care of what the web viewers and visitors are virtually going to see and experience. On the other hand, the back-end development deals with the processes involved between the browser and the database. If you want a website that is going to involve direct pay now option or any feature that is going to involve more programs, then it is ideal to apply the back-end development. Most e-commerce uses this type of development for their website. Particularly, since these websites that fall under the category of digital trade, deal with payment and involvement of banks. It involves much of coding than designing. It uses the programming language PHP to construct complex websites.

Cautions to heed

One of the many aspects to be noted, is on what type of gadget the website is being developed for, for example, there are differences in developing a mobile-friendly site or only for mobile access sites. Most social sites that began as mobile accessible applications have seen this problem when they tried moving to the desktop. Hence, vice-versa, it is important to note the medium.

Our services involves

We take time to understand your needs and the services you provide. After which, we start from the bottom. We begin to design the ideal structure required for your website. It’s no borrowed or the regular web architecture. Every website we design is unique, because they are built on the basis of the client’s characteristics. We practice both the front-end development and the back-end development of the website.

UI Design

Web Design


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