Richard AlexanderRichard Alexander

I'm a conservation scientist and needed an easy way to present data extrapolated from a recent study of mine. LineLogic created a wonderfully interactive webpage taking my rather dull topic and making it easier for users to digest. They were by far the best digital agency I came across in terms of value, even with such a small project I was assigned a project manager which reduced the number of times I had to explain my vision.

James ValasquezJames Valasquez

As a small up&coming gym marketing is very important to us. Reece Line and his team were able to completely transform our website not only improving memberships for our gym but we're also seeing an increase in personal training signups. They were able to do all of that within our budget. I'm super confident in our ongoing partnership with LineLogic, we highly recommend them!

Grace MartinezGrace Martinez

I was a bit worried about launching a website for my new business as I'm not a techie. Luckily, they made it really easy for me, I have a portal I can login to for updating my products and blog posts, EXACTLY what I needed. However, the biggest draw for me by far was that they allowed me to do a payment plan, I can't thank you guys enough!

Christopher BarronChristopher Barron

I've worked with Reece and the LineLogic team for quite a while now. They've always been incredibly dependable. I have a small film studio in the Cali area that they completely took the the next level. Since then, I've started various eCommerce stores and promotional landing pages and they're always my go to website developer. I consider them a business partner and essential part of the growth of any of my startups. The biggest draw I'd say is the value in their prices. I've worked with so many other developers that go WAY overboard on a project budget, I don't think I've ever had a bill that was even 20% more than quoted, that's with our insane deadlines and out of scope change requests.

Ashley BlakesleeAshley Blakeslee

I worked with Jessica on my new e-commerce site and it turned out better than the vision in my head. She spent the extra time needed to really bring the site to life, it's very easy for my customers to use, much better than my old site. Linelogic is professional, sticks to deadlines and has great prices.

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