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Joy BarriosJoy Barrios

As a photographer my website is essential to my business, It gives my clients a way to see my portfolio. I was really concerned about the way my portfolio would look on both computers and cellphones since my old site was HORRIBLE on cellphones. Our project manager was able to take all of my ideas and put them in a site, it turned out exactly how I envisioned it. So glad I found Line logic to partner with. I'm planning on starting a small google ADs project to bring in leads and I have no doubt in my mind that the results will be phenomenal!

Ashley BlakesleeAshley Blakeslee

I worked with Jessica on my new e-commerce site and it turned out better than the vision in my head. She spent the extra time needed to really bring the site to life, it's very easy for my customers to use, much better than my old site. Linelogic is professional, sticks to deadlines and has great prices.

Traci RobinsonTraci Robinson

Reece helped me boost my business presence here in Minnesota, and my customers couldn’t be happier! His team wrote some great written content for my website, and they even created a plan to increase my search engine ranking. I am now on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE, and I can’t believe it!

Laurie BertrandLaurie Bertrand

WONDERFUL SERVICE! We struggled to find the right fit before Linelogic and I was concerned it'd be the same. Reece, the owner, assured me right away that his team would be more than capable to help us with anything we could throw at them and he was right! I'm normally pretty difficult to please but his team exceeded expectations. We had a lot of changes during the development process and I was worried we wouldn't make the deadlines. linelogic actually worked on the weekends and overtime to meet our goals. Great value, great team, highly recommended!

Juan FelizJuan Feliz

Amazing team! The content is unique and informative, and the web developer can create gorgeous sites. Reece is happy to listen to your concerns, and is always ready to suggest ideas to help improve your online business. So happy that I chose to work with Line Logic!

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