How Much Does a Website Cost?

Businesses Small or Large it is absolutely essential to have a website in our ever-evolving digital world. We'll walk you through the average costs so you can know exactly what your website should cost.


How much should a website cost?


Prices can vary from agency to agency, but the average should still remain the same. It’s important to remember they’re a lot of costs involved in creating and maintaining a website, we’ll go over some of these items below.

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Last Updated February 2020

How much should a business website cost?


Prices for a business website can vary greatly. The price of a business website is primarily affected by the size of your business, the size of the website and the features that you need on your site. Medium-Large size business can expect to spend around $10,000 – $100,000 for a custom website. You can use our online estimator to get a better idea of what to budget for. However, the actual website quote can be higher or lower than the price displayed. It’s best to use the calculator for general budgetary planning but to get finite numbers its best to meet with a LineLogic expert.

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Last Updated February 2020

Learn About
Business Website Development

In this video we go through the ins and outs of website development and everything it entails.

How much does it cost to maintain a Website?


Like a vehicle or other large business assets it’s essential to maintain your website after it’s built. This includes things like updates, security patches and minor content updates as you and your company changes. A website that goes without maintenance can often go offline, break or become a security risk. It is important to secure your initial investment with a website maintenance plan to avoid having to shell out a bunch of money for another website not too far down the line.

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Last Updated February 2020

Instant Website Development Estimate


Use our online website estimate tool to get a basic idea of what you could look at spending upgrading your business website. It is important to remember that this tool will just give you a basic idea for general budgetary planning. You’ll need to schedule a meeting with a LineLogic expert to get a finalized website quote.


Estimate the cost of a website easily using this awesome tool.



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