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The Backbone of Internet Marketing

By October 26, 2019March 18th, 2020Marketing

As with traditional marketing, Internet Marketing relies on a mix of four variables: product, price, place and promotion. Because of their similar first letter, they call the 4 “P.”

For effective marketing, you must play a mix of 4 depending on the results you want. Let me explain:

– In the book, you can change the characteristics, adjust the quality or provide various guarantees.

– The price may vary by a discount or a discount, but you can also change the payment terms.

– Distribution (place) is against a more static level of Internet marketing. Your outlets are limited to your website. You can play against on delivery times.

– The promotion is certainly the highlight of eMarketing. That is what this play your future on the Internet. There are many ways to advertise online and get potential customers.

For my part, I would say that the approach to customers is paramount. A site attractive and well thought brings credibility essential in Internet marketing.

After the sale, you must bring added value to your product by providing quality service (monitoring of customers, be accessible, answer questions, etc.). Consumer satisfaction is one of the foundations of successful marketing.

“P” as the product: the idea that can bring the expected result.

The aim of each company is to transform an idea into profit. But does it still have one that takes the road? At the beginning, when you have a product concept in mind, ask yourself the right questions:

– What is the product or service?

– Which market is the product?

– What is competition? Is it important?

After finding answers, the more difficult still to come. You always think about these three basic rules:

1. The customer does not buy an idea, but a concrete product.

2. The customer does not buy a product for what it is, but for all that he brings and does.

3. The customer does not buy features, it buys advantages.

Relying on a score, the results meet a large number of consumers.

“P” as prizes: how to set an attractive price?

Pricing your product is a milestone. You must first define what category it is:

– Is it a product with high added value (a novelty, a great know-how, etc)?

– Is it a traditional product, already?

– Is it a consumer product (no big difference)?

Depending on the category chosen, it must be decided on a price higher or lower. One problem is finding a balance between too high a price to discourage some potential consumers and too low to doubt the quality of your product.

There are three methods for determining your price.

I urge you to blend the three:

1. The cost-plus method: your fixed costs variable costs + your + your earnings per product.

2. The method “market less” why you need to do a market study to find a satisfactory price most consumers (do a survey and propose several awards).

3. The method of “market” analyze the pricing and set your own.

“P” as the spot:

How to create a profitable site? To create a profitable site, you must first understand the motivations of consumer purchasing.

There are four key factors to know:

1. Quality.

2. Security.

3. Conviviality.

4. The search for meaning.

All these factors should be taken as a whole. The fact of neglecting one can be bad for your business on the Internet. You must first write a beaming shock that will capture the attention of the visitor, and encourage them to continue reading. Thereafter, to put at ease, you should not hesitate to publish your results Figures for example). In content of your sales page, you can insert testimonials of satisfied customers in your product (about two or three). The feeling of trust and quality will be present in the minds of visitors.

From a general point of view, tell the client himself by saying that you understand his problem and you have a solution just for him (use as often as possible the word “you”). All these little things you used as a basis for the establishment of an effective sales.

“P” as promotion:

The art of attracting people. The promotion is a key factor of success on the Internet. The goal is to successfully make an announcement like the products you sell. A good product and good price are not sufficient for large profits. It is essential to make the promotion to stimulate demand in the short term.

First (in addition to the listing, which I will not speak here), you can attract visitors using the Adwords ads. They let you in a few minutes to set up a very effective campaign.

But having thousands of visitors does not mean that you will make many sales. It must also “charmed” the consumer by offering special offers (3 for 2, contests, free samples, rebates, etc). In addition, if you specify the closing date of the promotion and the fact that a single bid, the number of sales will increase considerably, because nobody wants to miss a good deal.