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Blogs, SEO, and PPC

By October 15, 2019March 18th, 2020Search Engine Optimization

There are several ways to monetize your Blog. Some of these methods are ideal for the Internet Marketer to use on other people’s blogs. I am always working on generating more sales. I was thinking about the ways I could use other people’s blogs.

One of the easiest ways is Pay Per Click.

A Pay Per Click campaign through a search engine like Google can place your advertisement on some of the Blogs that are getting better rankings. It depends on how much you are willing to spend. One of the keys to Pay Per Click is watching my budget and monitoring the sales I am generating.

I do not typically pay the higher PPC rates either. I am looking for Blogs to advertise on who have a larger readership than mine. Not the largest readership but larger than mine is my goal. Then I look to see who is advertising on those sites. Using this reasoning I set my rates accordingly and my daily budget.

Then I go back to those sites (because I bookmarked them) and see if my advertising is showing up. Do not click on the advertising it will skewer the results. As well as companies like Google are likely to catch you and close down your Blog and your advertising. Anyway I go back and look for my advertising.

Transferring money onlineAfter looking at several sites if I do not see my advertising then I might need to look at the rate I am willing to pay. Increasing the rate might get me the more desirable placement but less clicks. Since I am looking to increase my readers I do increase my rate if I am not getting the level of placement I am looking for.

Increasing my readers has, at least for me, increased my sales. Sometimes my sales increase from my Pay Per Click campaign immediately. More often it takes several posts to get the reader of my Blog curious and engaged to start buying.

In this process I am also monitoring to see which advertisements work better. Since my PPC is designed around long tailed keywords I take particular notice of which ones are getting clicks. I then will go back to my Blog and write more articles around those keywords. I even go so far as to check my back linking to make sure I am using every opportunity to maximize those words for my sales.