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2 Ways for Making Surefire Money Online

By October 17, 2019March 18th, 2020Search Engine Optimization

1st Surefire Way to Make Money Online: Blogging

Have a computer? Make Money Blogging!

Do you have a broadband internet connection? Well, start blogging. You may want to do WordPress blogs on your own hosted domain as they get noticed by major search engines easier as compared to Blogspot amp; other free hosted blogs. You are selling traffic so the visitors to your blogs are an asset. Take care of them amp; do reward them in terms of information you provide, entertainment, content, amp; some other decent ways.

Traffic to your blogs can be converted to blog earnings in many ways over the long run. Let me give you an example. All I can say is that Shiva has a very confident way with approaching people amp; his blog content is almost always demanding comments. I find myself visiting his blog just for the sake of looking at the new discussions he posts. I believe discussions type blog posts like his are a good way to go about blogging. It’s all about making the interaction with people (visitors).

Since you blog a lot; you may want to do some writing for paying article directories like AssociatedContent. American contributors receive a few dollars for every of their 400 above word articles. Furthermore, submitting to article directories will help increase your blogs traffic as many people browse about them in search of good articles.

2nd Surefire Online Money: Join Blogging Marketplaces

Join blogging marketplaces: receive payments for having sponsored posts on your blogs. Mind you, your total earnings can be in the thousands of dollars per month! Don’t take my word for it. Try it out your self amp; don’t forget to thank me for pointing you in the correct direction after you start earning your first few hundred dollars online by doing sponsored posts.

Below is a very brief descriptive list of popular blogging marketplaces according to their earnings potential for you (Note: PR means PageRank).

• PayPerPost – Google PR will help you earn more money
• Blogitive – No Google PR required
• Smorty – Google PR will help you earn more money
• Blogvertise – Google PR will help you earn more money
• BloggingAds – Google PR will help you earn more money
• SponsoredReviews – Google PR will help you earn more money
ReviewMe – No Google PR required
• SocialSpark – No Google PR required
• BuyBlogReviews – No Google PR required
• BloftoProfit – No Google PR required
• Snapbomb – Google PR will help you earn more money