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Website Construction: Know Your Site’s Content Needs Before Your Next Article Purchase

By January 10, 2020Business Website
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Building a website is usually an extensive undertaking that sometimes, depending on the nature of the site, may require credit card or online payment processing, stock photo purchasing or exclusive photography rights, and the purchase of site-specific web content. Unfortunately, too many times the novice entrepreneur and small-business owner can get lost in a sea of content sites offering web content with varying rights, terms, and costs. Businesses can maximize their profits by having quality content on their sites while saving without overspending on content purchases by first becoming educated on the world of content writing and selling. Determining your site’s needs and desired usage of the content selected before the sale will help you save dollars and additional set-up costs.

To begin, you will have to become familiar with common article rights and determine which one works best for your business.

For the content purchased, do you wish for it to only appear on your own website or is it all right if the same article appears on other websites? Additionally, you will have to decide if you want to appear as though you wrote the article, or are you willing to allow the article’s author have his/her name attached to it with a possible byline. Should you wish to become the legal owner to a particular article and own all rights and distribution privileges associated with that article, consider purchasing the article as “exclusive” and make sure you are given “full rights” for its usage. On the other hand, if you are not as concerned if other people or sites may use the same article and do not mind sharing the same content, consider purchasing “usage rights” articles which are marketed as “non-exclusive” buy article sites.

Next, you will need to determine an article budget taking into consideration any photography purchases you may wish to accompany selected articles.

When purchasing web content, exclusive, full-rights articles from native English-speaking writers will most always cost more than content marketed as non-exclusive, usage rights. In addition to these rights, there is another option called PLR or Private Label Rights, which is a “hybrid” version of the above mentioned rights. PLR article packs are sold as series of ten, subject-specific articles which are sold as bulk packs to other customers, but you maintain the rights to do with them as you please. Options include using them as purchased, knowing that they would most likely be on other sites, or turning the PLR articles into new, unique, search engine friendly content by means of rewriting the PLR articles so they are viewed by the search engines as specific to your site. PLR content is very inexpensive and is a wise investment if for content buyers looking to purchase many articles on related subject matter. In fact, due to PLR content’s bulk rates, articles can sometimes even be purchased for less than the cost of purchasing a smaller amount of separately-sold, usage-rights articles.

In the end though, if you have searched and searched, but can’t seem to find the exact title or coverage of a subject you have been seeking, custom content-producing sites may be the perfect solution.

Here, writers can custom-produce specific content for your needs while granting you exclusive rights. When purchasing content by this manner, an article’s price is usually determined by the number of articles needed, amount of research needed to properly writer the article(s), and the word count desired. Prices for this option will always be higher, however you are guaranteed an article with the subject-matter personally needed by your site and that the content will be 100% unique. Purchasing web content through custom content sites allows security for both buyer and seller, in that your article is required to be exactly to your specifications, original, and that full-rights are transferred upon sale. Sellers can also benefit by making future business relationships, ensuring payment is received at the time of sale, and by gaining additional future requests from the seller.

If ever in doubt, be sure to ask a seller before committing to purchasing your web content for specifics about rights, distribution and usage.