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The Holy Grail of Building Organic Search Engine Traffic

By January 10, 2020Business Website
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Lately, I’ve been asked quite a bit on my Blog at: whether it’s really worthwhile trying to establish back-links on websites to build quality organic search engine traffic. Just some quick background for those who do not know what back-links are; any time another website creates a hyperlink from their site back to yours, that’s a back-link. For example, If you have a link from your page or page back to your blog at, that’s a back-link. It’s a link from to your blog or website.
Now that you know what a back-link is, let’s see if we can answer the original question.

Is it really worthwhile trying to establish back-links on your websites to build traffic?

The quick and resounding answer is an unequivocal “Yes”. But let’s go into a little more detail on Why the answer is yes.

For the sake of this argument, I’m going to be using as the traffic source so please note, is a registered trademark of its respective company. I’m also going to be using this argument within the context of Internet Marketing since the Holy Grail of building traffic in Internet Marketing is nothing other than – you guessed it – back-links. Lots and lots of quality back-links.

Without further ado, the best way of building organic search engine traffic is to dominate a series of “key-words” or “long-tail” key-word phrases. The best way to do that is to convince a major search engine like to “perceive” your site or domain as an authoritative site or domain. The most effective way to accomplish this is to generate as many quality back-links to your website or blog as possible. The theory is; if your website or blog has a ton of quality back-links from sites like, or other high quality sites, then your site must be high quality as well. Although we know this isn’t always the case, it’s a good rule of thumb and it’s one way Google’s algorithm places weight in its searches for your site’s “key words”.

With all things being equal between two sites, one site with zero back-links would rarely dominate a search engine over an exact duplicate of that site with 1000’s of quality back-links. In this regard, Google’s algorithm is simple – Google loves links – both external and internal links within your site, known as cross-linking content.

For further analysis, let’s look at this from a mathematical perspective.

We know Google places weight on back-links; we just don’t know how much weight. We’ll just assume it’s some “X” value.

Let’s compare two sites:

Site A –
Site B –

Site A and Site B have the same exact content – for sake of easy comparison lets assume they’re exact duplicate sites with the exception of the number of back-links they have.

Site A has 500 back-links
Site B has 2000 back-links from quality sites.

We make an immediate assumption that Site B will “out-rank” Site A in the major search engines and typically this is exactly what happens.

From a mathematical standpoint, if all other variables are equal between the sites, the only variable value is the number of back-links.
This is effectively, the only thing we as website or Blog owners have control over.
Sure, we can optimize our sites using SEO techniques for better search engine placement, but then so can our competitors.

Again, all things being equal, the one competitive advantage or “variable” from the above equation we have control over is increasing the number of quality back-links we have linking back to our websites.

So, essentially, what I’ve done is given you a very long answer to a very quick question. The answer is a resounding “Yes” it is absolutely worthwhile to generate quality back-links to your websites and Blogs for better search engine placement. It’s the one variable in the Google algorithm you have some control over.

“Back-links” are the Holy Grail to Building Organic Search Engine Traffic.