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Your Website Woes

By January 10, 2020Business Website

What would our life be like if we were still using the same communication devices, same food preservation techniques, and same transportation methods as one hundred years ago? How about technology? Phones, cameras, and computers continue to be modernized and updated. Your website also needs to be revised on a regular basis. It’s content, exposure, and software must be updated in order to remain an efficient and effective business tool.
A website is useless unless potential clients or customers can find it. The way the site is found depends on how the search engines see the site and value its content. Behind the scenes (or the way it is coded) is where this process begins. Older style sites, perhaps 5 to 10 years old, though attractive and seemingly useful, are usually completely invisible to the search engines. These sites use a coding style that builds an invisible wall around the information on the site making it impossible for people to find the site because the search engine cannot see it. It is shocking to discover how limiting these sites are, and that being said, how many of them exist on the web. Yes, they are dinosaurs destined for extinction. They will vanish altogether as other more modern sites with competing content win the search battle.


Sites can be built in many computer languages but one of the languages that make it easy for the search engines to see the content is called ‘php.’ The most popular and effective type of php website used today is WordPress.

Here are four simple reasons why WordPress may be worth considering when you update your website:
Ease. WordPress sites are quick and easy to setup. They are even easier to update or content manage. In fact, many business owners who pay someone to create their site go on to update it themselves. Cost. Many WordPress themes or looks are free but they are somewhat generic. A customized WordPress design is usually fairly reasonable from the standpoint of cost because placing the information does not require the need for a coding expert. Compatibility. WordPress offers thousands of plugins for whatever you need. These pre-coded options make installation easy and that translates to cost savings. Check how your website is doing with a Stat Plugin. Allow viewers a chance to comment and rate your site with a Comment Rating Field Plugin. Worried about Spam? Download an Akismet Plugin. Want great Search Engine Optimization? Use the popular All in One SEO Pack Plugin. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). WordPress helps search engines find your site by placing content near the top of the page and smoothly linking from one page to the next on your site. The official WordPress website offers many tips on increasing your search engine optimization.
Other Helpful SEO Tips

A search engine tags your site according to the content.

In other words, the content tells the search engine what the website is about. Therefore, it is important that keywords are repeated many times, but not in every sentence. Configure your site so the content begins early as the words at the top of the page mean the most. Do not waste too much space with headers or banners.

The titles and subtitles of the page should match the content. But the converse is true, too: the content of the page should match the title. Search engine optimization will be further enhanced if the search engine (and visitors to the site) can easily navigate from one page to the next.

Finally, your website will generate more traffic if other websites have links to yours. Make sure you are using Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter to drive traffic to your site and be sure to invite visitors to leave their email address so you can remain in touch with them.

Remember, a good website will give the visitor a reason to come back. Was the visitor able to leave a comment? Does the website offer specials only available online? When the visitor returns, will they see new specials? Is your site updated regularly, so that the visitor will want to return to see new information or posts?

Your website is an essential part of your business and your business growth. Don’t let it sink into extinction.