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7 Best Places to Backlink

By September 4, 2019March 20th, 2020Search Engine Optimization

It is one very wonderful thing to have an online business, a good looking webpage, and a great product. But how do you drive traffic to the site? This is the most important part if you are hoping to make money.

Search engine optimization is still king, and perhaps getting backlinks immediately follows. To increase the popularity of your webpage with search engines, you need them. The cycle of success begins here. When your site is popular, the search engines place it further up in the search results, making it easier to access.

Backlinking isn’t complicated, but it does take a lot of time. You can also opt to pay someone to do it for you. If you don’t have the funds for this, then here is a quick list to guide you to the best places to begin backlinking.

1) Start Writing Articles If you have any talent with a pen (typewriters included) put your thoughts down on paper. Are you an expert at something? Do you have talent in one area? Write about it! Share your knowledge. Make videos. Below are the best sites to try and promote your material. · HubPages · · Triond · Gather · One Page Articles · RedGage · Demand Studios · InfoBarrel · Squidoo · Bright Hub

2) Submit to Article Directories Article Directories hold a wealth of material. Here people come to search for specific articles they can use on their blogs. You won’t get paid for your work submitted to directories, but you will be able to link your website to a massive catalog, helping to boost your rankings. Some of the better directories are: · Buzzle · EzineArticles · GoArticles · Article Alley · Sooper Articles

3) Join Online Social Networks It is no secret that there are more millionaires under the age of 30 than imaginable. These computer geniuses all found their trade with online businesses. Think of the founders of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Groupon, for starters. While they take a time investment, social networks are the cheapest way of self-promotion and networking. To list a few: · Facebook · Delicious · Digg · Twitter · StumbleUpon · Reddit

4) Add a Feed to Your Site RSS Aggregators are places people go to find RSS feeds on their favorite subjects. Popular ones will cover currents news, weather, entertainment, technology. They are typically connected to blogs that people want to have the skinny on as soon as the info becomes available. RSS Aggregators are easy ways people can get all the recent blog posts on their favorite blogs in one hit. While, along with some article directories, they don’t hold backlink superpower, they all add up and are musts if you are blogging. · FeedShow · Blogdigger · Technorati · · RSSMountain

5) Post in Forums Another great way to get backlinks is to post in forums that relate to your content product. You must step gingerly here, though, or you will be caught out as a spammer or advertiser. Finding the best forums is vital. Most are moderated. The ones that don’t allow too many links and no one spends time there. Be friendly, respond to posts that interest you, and after you have a presence there, backlink carefully. This does take time. Nothing online really happens overnight without a big investment. A good forum board, to begin with, is Big Boards.

6) Find Do-Follow Blogs and Comment Do-Follow blog backlinks are basically feeble, but if you rack up a bunch of them, then they will have some meat on their bones. They don’t take much effort, either. Do-Follow blogs are not regularly facilitated and allow comments without inspection. Do be thoughtful and make sure you have read the article or blog you are commenting on, and that it is relevant. Some Do-Follow links are:

· Blogs That Follow · Do Follow Blogs List · List of High PR DoFollow Blogs

7) Guest Post One of the best ways to drive traffic to your site and increase page rankings is to write a guest blog about your content or product on a relevant site. Find a popular, high-ranked blog that you like to read or follow and ask if you can submit a guest blog. If your content is unique and well-written, they may invite you back!

Community Online Communication Connection Concept

Community Online Communication Connection Concept

One of the most difficult tasks is prioritizing the above, and time management. It can be overwhelming to begin the process. Don’t be hasty, and keep in mind that it may take a long while to get traffic. It is a numbers game. You must keep at it. It will be easier once you begin. Whatever you do, make sure your material is unique and well-written. Make it interesting. This will help you to linkbait, and friends and family will automatically share your links online with their friends.