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Do Small Businesses Need Websites?

By August 21, 2019March 20th, 2020Website Development

In corporate America, the large corporations will always be superior. Whether by sheer volume, revenue, or market share, big business is here to stay. Hiding in the shadows is the small “Mom amp; Pop” business ready to take their piece of the market share pie. So as a small business owner, how do you generate customer traffic to help promote your brand? Website presence is your answer to the growing trend of ecommerce. Is every small business geared toward ecommerce? As a smart business model, the answer should be yes.

Over the course of the past year, retailers such as Walmart have expanded their own websites to have a stronger presence and add another level of competition to the like of

So as a small business, what part do you play? You as a small business owner need to generate a buzz around your specialty niche, even if you are not truly a specialty retailer. If Target’s sells fashion apparel as do you, how is your apparel better? Color, quality, and craftsmanship are some of the selling points needed to lure customers to your business.


In creating a top notch website, what will you need? First you will need a domain name. Most domains can be purchased for approximately $50 in upwards of hundreds of dollars per year. Ensure your website name is something catchy and simple to remember. You want something to stick in your customers minds to generate repeat business. One thing to remember, most of the common website names have been purchased by other corporations.

Next, you will have to have a top notch designer. Don’t worry about hiring a company which will exceed your budget, but rather search the internet for freelance writer who may have skills needed to create a website designed for your needs. Website creation can be costly, so finding the right person to fit the bill is important. You will need to work close with your designer to your brand is not compromised and customers will want to return to your business.

Finally you have a brand new website, once all of the pieces are in place. You may not be able to tackle the mega retailer who have millions poured into their ecommerce business, but you will be able to take your share of the ecommerce pie.