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The Real Cost of Cheap Web Design

By March 6, 2019March 24th, 2020Website Development

There’s no denying that getting a bargain is an enjoyable feeling. Cheap Web Design will give you that feeling for all of a few weeks. Getting something valuable at a low price is something that’s fun to brag about…until you realize that not all bargains actually give you good value for your money. More often than not, you actually DO get what you pay for, and this is especially true when it comes to web design.

Even a simple “cheap web design” Google search will get you dozens of results, from independent freelancers to cheap templates, to small companies offering affordable website design services. Sure, it might sound like a good deal at the beginning because you’ll be getting a website quickly and cheaply, but are you really aware of the costs you’ll be paying if you choose cheap web design? It doesn’t always have to be the cost of a luxury vehicle, take a look at our website estimate tool to see what it might cost to build the website of your dreams.

If you own small business and you need a website, you probably have a budget in mind when it comes to web design, but while it does sound good to spend under that budget, you might want to think about the following, and why it might be better to invest in a good quality web designer, even though it’s a bit more expensive.

Your Website is the Face of Your Business

You can think of your website as an employee that’s working around the clock to promote your company, receive and process customer inquiries and orders, and standing as the face of your company. If you had an actual flesh-and-blood employee who is performing all those things for your company 24/7, you wouldn’t even consider being cheap when it comes to how much you’re willing to pay them! Since your website will virtually be doing all those things for your company, it wouldn’t make sense to be stingy with your budget when you’re looking for a website designer to create your site.

Cheap Web Design Usually Means Entry Level

In the world of web design quotes, cheap means entry-level skills, little to no experience, and the general inability to create a stable, attractive, and reliable website. It might be okay if you’re planning to create a throw-away website (which will justify a throw-away budget), but why would you want to gamble your business and livelihood on a sub-par website that will most likely crash, freeze, and generally turn customers away from your business?

Is Your Website Secured?

Digital security is one of the most important things that you should take into account when designing a website and hiring a website developer, and you need a website that’s secured against online threats such as phishing attacks and hackers. Experienced and quality web designers have knowledge of the current security trends, alerts, and threats, and how to make your website as secure as possible. When you consider that you will be handling sensitive financial information – both yours and your customer’s -, you will want to make sure that the information won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Web Design is not a One-time Deal

Entry-level and inexperienced web designers will create a website for you, and once it’s finished, they will think that they’re done with your contract. Wrong! A good-quality website will need regular updating and maintenance, whether it’s to update the company information, the product inventory, or to make sure that the security is up-to-date. You need to make sure that you are working with a reliable and experienced website designer who will return your calls, and make sure that your website is always up and running as much possible.

Documentation is the Key

A good website relies on well-documented code and maintenance records to be able to run smoothly, and if you don’t want to deal with the headache of having to rebuild your website from scratch if something goes wrong (it can and does happen), you need a website designer that’s meticulous when it comes to keeping documentation of their work. Experienced designers know that every little bit of code is important, and they keep track of all the plug-ins, updates, and revisions that they make while they work on your website.