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Social Media Marketing: Using Facebook for Business

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Social media marketing is a revolution and marketing with Facebook is growing like never before. You can use Facebook to get the word out about your business to loyal followers. Facebook has about 80 million users and that’s a really good opportunity to make your presents in the Internet world. Saying Wow With Facebook

With all the various different Facebook pages out there, you want your page to say Wow to the user. There are a few things that you can do to make your page make an impression on the user. Start out with your picture. Make sure it is about 200 x 600 pixels. Use your logo to make an impression to. Make it appealing so that it draws the user in. We can make your logo for you.

You can put different Facebook applications on your blog to encourage others to share your post with others. We can install this for you on your blog. This is a great way to go viral with your article. People love it when you refer them good information, so the better you make your article the more people will be willing to tell their friends about it.

Get Your Followers To Interact With You

Facebook has a wealth of knowledge in there groups and fan pages. You can gain additional followers by posting things that are useful in these groups. People will go to your profile to see what you’re all about. If they like what they see, they will put in a friends request.

Stay Connected With Your Followers

If you want more interaction from your followers, post comments on your wall that motivates them to accomplish a certain task. Go to their photo pages and make comments on their photos. The more you make your followers feel at home, the more interaction you will get from them. Go on their wall and start a conversation. Ask them questions about your business to get some great feedback for yours.

Use Surveys To Find Out What Your Followers Are Thinking

If you are planning to do some kind of marketing campaign in the future, why not ask your Facebook followers for some help by asking them to do a survey for you. You can create the poll with images and put as many questions as your want. After you’re done making the poll, you can send an invitation to all of your friends to participate in it.

Now you have some social media marketing tips that you can do with your Facebook pages. Make sure you’re persistent and you keep in contact with those on your list. Some might not comment on your stuff right away, but the more you post the more interaction you will get from your friends.