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Social Media Marketing: Using Internet, Yellow Pages & Keywords

Social media

When you’re using social media marketing plan, the Internet, Yellow Pages and keywords can be used the same way. You remember the yellow pages and how you searched for businesses there? The yellow pages information is and was essentially a giant database printed in segments. They way they could and can be searched are what make them a useful tool.

Let us consider it in the context of automotive repair companies that replace breaks. There are only three reasons to look for break repair companies. You want to sell something to them, you want to buy something from them or you want some information they have to share.

From the viewpoint of someone selling to them on a national level the first thing you want to know is they are in fact automotive repair companies specializing in brakes. So you go to the book which has all the automotive repair companies and scroll down to brake repair. If only want the larger companies perhaps you only scan the display ads. If you are looking for the smaller business you might go line by line. If you only work a state then possibly you would skip down to say California before choosing the type of ad you want.

However if you are a buyer of their services you start in a different place. One thing you don’t want is to find a brake repair place the other side of the country. So you start with the book that covers your area. It might be as small as Ridgefield, Connecticut or as large Los Angeles CA. Then you go down to Automotive repair – gt;Brake Repair. You might choose a small company or a larger one with display ads and double check that they are close enough to you. Then you pick up the phone and call.

For your own business you need to how your clients will be searching for you. Is geography a key factor? Is the type of business you are the most important? Is there a sub-specialty they could be searching for? Like perhaps Long Beach, California – gt;Automotive Repair – gt;Brake Repair – gt; Audi. The way your clients are likely to search tells you which volume of the yellow pages you want to be in. It defines what category you want to be under. And it determines what sub heading is important to you.

It is exactly the same for the internet and social media. Both are tools by which the visitors can search for your business.

You need to decide what categories and keywords their clients are most likely to be searching for. So a vegetarian restaurant serving Greek food in Chattanooga Tennessee would not use Restaurant, Greek Restaurant or even just Chattanooga as it s key word. It would instead go Tennessee- gt; Chattanooga – gt;Restaurant- gt;Greek Food – gt; Athens Restaurant and have as another option as Tennessee- gt; Chattanooga – gt;Restaurant- gt;Vegetarian Food – gt; Athens Restaurant. From these you would build your keyword strings – except they will be in reverse order. Such as: Vegetarian Restaurant Serving Greek Food in Chattanooga Tennessee.

And this is why you should use long string keywords. Not so the search engines find you but so that the exact person looking for your business can drill down to you. In traditional marketing you will run this ad as often as you can. In social media and on the internet you will repeat the phrases on as many sites and pages as possible and do so frequently.

In Long Beach CA there is a restaurant area called Belmont Shore. Many people start the evening saying they want to eat in that area. So if the Athens Restaurant were in Long Beach CA the string might instead go Long Beach CA – gt;Belmont Shore- gt;Restaurant – gt;Greek Food – gt; Athens Restaurant. You need to build a list of all the ways a potential client could search for you and build your key word strings accordingly.

It is as simple as that. No magic involved. Now you know a little bit about how to do a social media marketing plan.