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What’s Important in Web Design?

By January 15, 2019March 24th, 2020Website Development, Website Tips

A website is often considered as one of the most important components of your business. It is the first platform through which a potential customer comes in contact with your business. In a way, they are an essential tool to build your credibility. Therefore, it is very important that you have a well-designed website to reach out to your potential clients. We are a leading website design and development company also dealing in managed hosting services. The Northfield Construction Company has been one of our popular clients for whom we have developed a website confirming the latest standards of SEO and design. The parameters on which the Northfield website has been built are given below.

Website Design and Aesthetics

A lot of research has been made from this perspective as visual appeal is an essential factor. Since a website is the first medium of contact they should be aesthetically pleasing. The home page has some high-quality images depicted in a vertical automatic scroll. These images depict some of the recent projects that the company has undertaken. Highlighting them on the home provides an added appeal.

Clear, Concise Site Navigation

This is another important aspect of any website design as it eventually affects a lot of factors including SEO and the traffic. Overall the site has been designed with intuitive and simple navigation. This enables the viewers to explore the website with ease. The limited main menu ensures that the visitors are not lost and can easily find their way of exploring the website.

Page Structure and Layout

A lot of thought process has gone into designing the website layout. We have ensured that the right amount of text and graphics are used to deliver the essence of their business.  The color schemes and the font make the website easy to read and also retain the interest of the viewer. Proper use of white spaces, color palette, and clean design are guaranteed to create a good first impression.

Be Found By Search Engines

Digital search

Digital search

Having a nicely designed website would not suffice the need. It is equally important for the website to be found by the search engines. As a web design and development company, we have ensured to design an SEO friendly website for the client. All the page titles, meta tags, headings, and other such factors completely align with SEO principles.

Apart from the above general yet important factors that would draw your attention. The website has all the social media buttons in place, enabling others to share your content on the platform. Lastly, we also have designed a blog section for the website that helps the business to stay relevant.