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What’s Cloud Website Hosting? Why Do I Need It?

By May 13, 2018March 24th, 2020News

Why can't I host a website on my computer?

Why can’t I host a website on my computer? What’s the difference between my computer and the computer that my website is on?

Generally, websites are hosted on one or many servers. Before we talk about WHY we need servers vs computers lets go over some of the differences.

Servers are fundamentally similar to computers. They share a lot of the same components, just much higher quality. However, they do have some differences. Servers are much more expensive and have to be extremely powerful to handle several tasks at once. Unlike your computer at home, it’s very rare for a server to reboot. They’re made to operate 24×7 365 days a year.

They’re also stored in extremely secure buildings called data centers. These data centers can withstand the worst mother nature has to offer. They can remain online for days, sometimes weeks without outside power by utilizing generators.

Home computers are made for basic tasks. They work well to browse videos or craft documents for work but they really aren’t designed for much more than that. They’re extremely susceptible to malware and they have to restart often to avoid slowing down. Additionally, your network at home is much smaller than those made for servers at data centers. Even a second of your internet going down will have a huge impact on your website.

You want your customers to have a comfortable experience while browsing your site. You need the power and dependability of a server.

Okay...So Why Cloud Website Hosting?

At LineLogic, we take it a step further. We utilize industry-leading cloud server technology to always keep your website accessible. Cloud servers are fully redundant. This means, your website is hosting on multiple servers within an ultra-secure data center in Texas. Multiple servers could crash at that location and we’d still be a-okay!

Texas weather can be unpredictably harsh. We understand that! To ensure your website stays online we keep servers in Germany that will auto-activate in the unlikely event that all U.S. servers are offline.

Essentially, we’ve thought of everything! You can feel confident that LineLogic will always keep your online business running. Contact us today to take your business website hosting to the NEXT LEVEL.