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Using Podcast Marketing to Develop Customer Relationships

The young woman interviewing a guest in a studio for a podcast

Podcast marketing is a great tool for delivering marketing messages, providing information, and building brand awareness.

Audio podcasts can be published in a variety of venues including company websites, blogs, and podcast directories to provide easy access to those who want to listen.
A number of podcast marketing strategies exist. Some of the more popular include using audio podcasting as a way to broadcast online radio shows, produce product infomercials, or share taped or live interviews with industry experts.

Podcasting provides every type of business brand-building opportunities for minimal cost. All that is required is a computer or Smartphone, noise-canceling microphone, and audio editing software.

Most computers offer built-in basic audio editing capabilities. Microsoft offers multichannel audio production via Windows Media, while Mac computers include built-in audio recording capabilities.

With time and practice, nearly anyone can create a professional podcast. Those who are short on time (or patience) should consider hiring an online marketing agency to develop audio podcasts. These professionals can save business owners considerable time and frustration. They can also track campaigns to determine their effectiveness and return on investment.

Once audio podcasts are created they are uploaded and published at various podcast directories.

It can be helpful to research directories to determine the primary market and most frequently listened to podcasts. There is no point uploading to directories focused on niches that have nothing to do with your service or product line. Podcasts can also be presented via

Vintage microphone with signboard on air. Broadcasting radio station concept. 3d illustration

company websites and blogs. Internet business owners often created a dedicated listing page so visitors can easily access published podcasts. It is beneficial to provide a download option so people can listen at a convenient time or share podcasts with others.

Keep in mind the various ways visitors access podcasts. Many people use desktop or laptop computers, while others use MP3 players or mobile phones. Others subscribe to podcasting service providers which allow them to subscribe to future podcasts via aggregators or podcatchers. Subscribers receive email notification when new podcasts are published.

Podcast marketing provides an excellent venue for building customer relations. However, to retain happy listeners requires developing content that is worthy of listening to and sharing with others.

Consumers are barraged with hundreds of marketing messages and online chatter every day. They are masters at clicking away and deleting anything that doesn’t immediately catch their attention.

Business owners uncomfortable with developing podcasts may find working with an online marketing agency can take worries away. These professionals are adept at writing audio sales copy or infomercials and capable of editing recordings created in-house. They can guide you through the process or take charge of the entire project.

Microphone in front of the sound mixer and computers in the broadcasting radio studio. Podcast or radio station studio.

It can be beneficial to develop a podcast marketing plan. This will help determine the required strategies to achieve desired results. The Internet is a good source for learning how to implement a variety of online advertising strategies with podcast marketing, as well as tools to determine your demographic market and their online viewing habits.

One strategy that often works well is creating a series of podcasts. Another is to develop a daily or weekly Internet radio show. Always provide useful information and avoid becoming too sales-pitchy. Instead, use podcast marketing to develop relationships and instill trust. Having loyal customers is considerably more valuable in the long run.