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10 Things Your Business Website Must Have

By January 10, 2020Business Website

This article will tell you about the top ten things that your business website must have. Basically, follow these tips to help make your business website a success. Here are ten things your business website must have.

1. You need to have various payment options. Customers love to make purchases on a website that accepts everything from credit cards to electronic checks. Remember, the more payment options that you can offer to customers then your company will get much more sales throughout the year.

2. You need to have a easy shopping cart. You want your customers to have a shopping cart that is basically flawless. You want a shopping cart that doesn’t mess up. You need a shopping cart that tells your customers which items that they have added to their shopping cart and how much the balance is so far. A shopping cart that is less confusing will make your customers more happy.

3. You need to have easy navigation buttons. Make sure that your website buttons can be found by visitors. Make sure the customers know which page that they are currently looking at. Your navigation button links to show which the page the visitor is currently looking at. Make sure to have a title on all of your pages.

4. Make sure the text is large enough to read and the color is easy to read. Senior citizens may have a difficult time reading little text on websites so make sure that the text is large enough for them. Make sure that the text on your website isn’t white. Make sure that the text is black.

5. Make sure your website has your e-mail address listed on it. Your customers need to be able e-mail customer service about any questions with products or services. Make sure that the customers get a response to their e-mail within 24 hours of writing to you.

6. Make sure the colors on your website are always bright toned colors. People like to visit a site that has a cheerful brightness on it. They don’t want to visit a website that is totally black and white since it is difficult to see and read. You want them to be happy when visiting your website.

7. You need to have a tracker on your website so you can found out information about visitors. You need a counter and a tracker to find out where you are getting most of the traffic to your business website from. You need to find out which advertising methods are working best and you can find out that information with the help of trackers placed on your website.

8. Put pictures on your website of your products. Customers want to see pictures of the product before they buy it. You need to have pictures that zoom in on the product. You need to have a few close up pictures of the product too. You may even want to include measurement information regarding the product. You need to include as much detailed as possible to help people be the most informed about the product.

9. Make sure that your website has prices on all the items. You need to include all the prices on each item. You can also make sure to offer a discount if they purchase more than 3 deal on your website. You want to have the best rates on the Internet.

10. You need to have a form on there that a customer can print if they want to send in their order through regular snail mail. Make sure to have the form easily available for the customer to print. Make sure the order form includes information asking for their credit card information or if its okay to include to a check with their order form.