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Your Business Website: Optimized for Maximum Income

By January 10, 2020Business Website
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Whether you’re working from an office or running a business from your home, you need a professionally designed website. If you currently are using a free website you’re damaging your credibility, and losing sales.

Your site will be optimized for search engine placement and general readability by both web bots and your potential clients. My clients’ sites generally rank very highly in organic search engine results, which is critical for your online success.” In stark comparison to many other web design businesses who are nameless and faceless, I was delighted to discover that Mr. Mitchell takes a more personal approach by keeping in touch with his customers by phone during each step of crafting your website. Mr. Mitchell says that “a 1 to 10 page site can be designed to any specification, and be live online in as little as 1 week.

Owning your own domain name is the key.

Choose a name which is searchable so you attract plenty of traffic to present your talent. Your own domain name means extra money to you, so be creative when choosing it. Domain names are big business and are a great investment to resell later when you plan to retire. With your own unique website you get to choose the look and feel of your business venue. Add a form so people can subscribe and receive a link to your latest article or new product display. You may also have Marty design the perfect E-commerce website complete with merchant services by incorporating a shopping cart. There are no upgrades or hidden expenses with your own site either. You get precisely what you ask for. Owning your own website is like owning your dream home. You’re in charge of every aspect. Paying rent is dead money, and so is upgrading a free website. If you choose to upgrade a freebie site to avoid the advertisements you have no choice of who your host will be, which can have a negative effect on your search engine rankings.

There are countless reasons why a free website can seriously damage your credibility and your bottom line; let’s explore them:

Your visitors are your livelihood. They pay your bills and put food on your table. You must keep them happy. If you try to operate via a free website you are 100% guaranteed to lose your shirt. Your customers will quickly become annoyed with constant pop up advertising, and they will stop frequenting your site once they realize their emails are being captured by software which is bombarding them with junk-mail.

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Your Business Website: Optimized for Maximum Income

Your own email address will likely be sold by your host to a multitude of 3rd party advertisers and mailing list companies as soon as you agree to their terms of service.

Nobody will ever remember a long and ugly website URL, and most people won’t frequent sites which have the short alternative redirected name.

Your freebie domain name is worth $0.

The free site builders also use generic design software which just doesn’t allow you to stand out in a crowd no matter how clever you are.

Google will not allow most of these sites to host adsense content.

So how serious are you about running an online business or being successfully self employed? Aren’t you really worth investing in? If you answered yes; you need to get your own website now. Remember, lost time is lost money in any business.