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Blogging Comment Marketing Strategy

By September 12, 2019March 20th, 2020Marketing

Marketing is all around us. It’s part of every business and every writer’s life, that includes a blogger’s life. One avenue some marketers take is the blogging comment marketing strategy. Anyone who has a website or blog knows that occasionally you’ll get comments from marketers, affiliate marketers or VAs (virtual assistants) who use your site to promote products or services.
So, what is blogging comment marketing strategy?

In the purest sense, blogging comment marketing strategy is a useful tool to create visibility with other bloggers and with others in the field you are working in. It can also help boost your efforts in establishing yourself as an expert (if your comments are pertinent and informative). In addition to this, each time you leave a comment on another blogger’s site, an article directory, or other type of site, the search engines nod their head and say, “Hi.”

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Yes, the search engines acknowledge your activity. If you have a Google alert on your name tag, you’ll notice that Google picks up your commenting activity. This in itself is a marketing strategy creating visibility and activity in the search engines. To be picked up, you do not have to leave your url after the comment, it’s already in the name tag and link you use to comment.

The blogging comment strategy is a useful tool – it’s a multi-functional tool. Unfortunately, some marketing commenters are actually spammers – their sole mission is to bring traffic back to their site. But, if they are leaving a pertinent comment reflecting the post should it be allowed? A while ago, I had a commenter actually write a couple of paragraphs promoting his services. While he did leave a valid comment, I think this is pushing the blogging comment marketing a bit far. So, what are some basic guidelines for being a courteous commenter?

Basic etiquette for using blogging comment marketing strategy?

1. Read the blogger’s post.
2. Make a comment that reflects the post.
3. Do not overtly make a comment just to promote you or your services.
4. Don’t promote a product or service that is in competition with the blogger’s.
5. Always put your name before you add a link.
6. Be respectful of someone else’s blog.

Any marketing you do should be thought out and used properly. Useful internet connections are made
everyday, don’t be an over zealous marketer – you never know what opportunity or connection you may lose out on in the process.