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New WordPress Plugins Worth Checking Out

By April 18, 2020April 20th, 2020WordPress
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WordPress plugins are plug-and-play applications you can insert into your blog to perform a certain task automatically. Plugins can do almost anything you imagine from creating a simple contact form to managing an online photo gallery. Here’s the roundup of new WordPress plugins worth checking out.

Electro Widgets

Electro Widgets gives you the freedom to manage WordPress widgets with a convenient drag and drop method. With this add-in, you can customize any page of your site without having to use the WordPress administration panel. Thorough documentation will instruct you on how to create a dynamic area anywhere on your website in minutes.


Do you ever wonder how people stumbled upon your website? InComment allows you to see which page attracted people to your site, in essence showing you the path they traveled to reach you. With InComment, you not only get statistics of current visitors, but you can also block spam commenters and the sites who referred them.


TwitPic-It automatically sends your uploaded website images to TwitPic via your Twitter account. A checkbox enables you to choose which pictures you want to share with Twitter and those you’d like to keep private. Additional customization ideas and troubleshooting are available on the TwitPic-It forum.

Dojo Fisheye Gallery

Design your very own photo gallery with Dojo Fisheye Gallery and increase your site load speed. Dojo displays small images that when moused over, grow to their original size. Images can be positioned vertically or horizontally and are safe to use on any page of your website.

WP Google Buzz

GoogleBuzz is a fun way to share links with others. This plugin inserts a GoogleBuzz button on each WordPress post, giving your readers an easy way to show your site to others in their social media network. WP Google Buzz features 8 different admin panel options, and varying sizes of buttons and notification tools.


This is a great time saving plugin that will send your status updates, including new blog postings, to Twitter and Ping.

WP Comesoon

Keep your readers interested in returning by letting them know what you’ll be blogging about next. WP Comesoon displays the title of your next scheduled posting in your WordPress design sidebar.