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Blogging with Video and WordPress: Dual-Threat Marketing

By April 19, 2020WordPress
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Do you know how to knock out two birds with one stone when it comes to video blogging? The reason why we say that you will be knocking out two birds with one stone is the simple fact that you will be using your videos for two purposes. You will be using them to post on YouTube and to post on your own blog as well. By knowing how to utilize YouTube videos to your advantage, you can make sure that you dramatically increase online success.

Post Video Blogs on YouTube

There are many benefits to posting video blogs on YouTube. First off, you definitely want to make sure that you are posting high quality videos that will strike a great deal of interest when the video is viewed by a targeted viewer.

There are tons of benefits when it comes to posting videos on YouTube, which includes the video being exposed to millions of daily users who constantly use Youtube as a source of information, entertainment, and education as well. They also will keep track of your future videos by subscribing to an RSS feed, they may do the same for your blog as well. Be sure that you know how to utilize YouTube to the best of your ability!

Post These Same Videos On Your Blog

There are many benefits when it comes to using a blog for your video blogging purposes. When you post a YouTube video on your blog, you have the automatic capability of attracting search engine visitors based on how many keywords are used in your description. People will come to your blog from search engines and actually watch the YouTube video that is posted on your blog. When you do this you will potentially increase your user database, increase pay-per-click advertising clicks, and help yourself with other monetization methods as well!

This will also help with YouTube as well simply because you will have the ability to increase views when your blog videos are viewed. Meaning that if a person goes to your blog and vies a YouTube video, you will have an extra view on your YouTube as well. By doing this, you can actually add traffic to your YouTube post as it will be seen as highly “relevant” due to the amount of views that it is receiving.

Direct Traffic Towards Your Blog

You definitely want to make sure that you are water-marking your videos as well. This means that you will want to make sure that your URL’s very visible throughout the video, including during the actual video as well.

If you have a slideshow, you want to make sure that the water-marked URL of your blog is in the lower right corner of your video so that people will have a place to go when they have finally finished viewing the video.