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Small Business, Drupal and WordPress

By December 9, 2019April 15th, 2020WordPress
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Your small business is the collection of countless hours put into it to make it what it is today. The problems that small businesses face today are not one of exposure, but the best method of exposing the business to the world. The internet has made it possible for you to grow your business without much effort. There are two content management systems that are ready for you to use all you have to do is choose which one is right for you.


Drupal is a good site for people with some knowledge of how to management their content on the web. It has features that will help you develop a strong website using coding that is a little more advanced than some of its competitors. Drupal allows users to tailor their site to meet their specific needs. Other sites keep things basic and only allow minor tailoring to take place. They have a team of experts that are ready to help if you need. It does take time to design the right page on Drupal as some of features are rather complex.


WordPress is probably the most widely known CMS system around. People who use it will tell that it is easy to use and it is easy to understand. The home page of the site is set in a blogging format so posting is fairly simple. Some of the features of WordPress include a comments field, profiles of bloggers and email notification of current activity. It will alert you if there is a need for a response from a posted comment. Posting with WordPress can be done through Microsoft Word. This gives you the option of designing your content off the website and then simply uploading your piece directly from the writing software. WordPress community is smaller than that of some its competition. However, for those who need easy to use operation, WordPress is the way to go.