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How to Find Your Marketing Niche

By July 12, 2019March 24th, 2020Marketing

Let’s start with what is niche marketing?

Too many people think that to succeed on the Internet they must sell high ticket items to the masses, well the truth is you will most likely never be able to compete with the big boys with products like computers, X-boxes, or big screen T.V.’s simply because they have the buying power to order such high volume that they get the extreme discounts.

The answer is niche marketing, finding those distinctive smaller markets of targeted consumers desperately searching for what you have to offer. A specialized field where you can become an expert to an interested group of like-minded people. Everyone has something that they are knowledgeable in or simply have a passion for.

Concept of a business man analyzes data online with the internet

So how can you identify yours? Look at it this way, what is it that people you already know come to you to ask your opinion on? A particular subject that if an interested party would seek out good solid information on, they would be satisfied with what you could teach them. If you could remove yourself from the situation and think in terms of, “If I wanted to know the best way to _____ I would definitely go ask ( fill in your name.)

The one aspect of niche marketing that comes as a complete surprise to most beginners is the vast array of subjects that can be very lucrative. Here are just a few examples of niche markets that provide those who offer information in these categories, a very nice monthly income.

Piano Lessons – Quilting – How To Stage A Home – Guitar Lessons – Scrapbooking – Themed Parties – Trout Fishing – Plumbing – Gardening – Wedding Favors – Dressage (Horse Training) – Relationships – Dating Advice – Child Care – and one of my favorite – Tumbleweeds. Yes, tumbleweeds. A woman in Kansas was practicing building her first website and she had no product or service to build it around, so she looked outside and decided she would use the tumbleweeds in her back yard as her product.

She took pictures and wrote descriptions for $10 – $15 and $25 (small – medium – large) tumbleweeds just to have something to work with, and to this day she still sells those tumbleweeds all over the world. So keep in mind, whatever it is your good at or even just know a lot about, chances are there are folks out there somewhere that would be more than happy to pay you a fair price for that information. So what’s your niche?