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Can Articles Pull Traffic to Your Website?

By January 10, 2020Business Website
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It is a well-known fact that having a decent amount of traffic to your website is paramount if you intend to make money online. No traffic, no business. It’s that simple. Before you lose hope, there is a wide selection of tools available to attract traffic to your website.
Of the various ways of driving traffic to your website, article writing and submission is still the most potent tool to attract traffic and significantly increase your online income.

How is this possible?

Article writing increases website traffic with very little cost. You can create your own articles or, if you prefer, you can hire a freelance writer to do the writing for you, which is not too expensive. To submit your articles, there are a number of article-submitting software that you can use. These tools automatically submit your work to the various article directories that dot the Web.

Professionally-written articles establish you as a guru in your particular niche. If, for example, you write high-quality and useful articles about breeding African love birds, then you become an expert in that field. You gain credibility points from your readers who, in turn, will build their trust on you. Once that bond is established, customers will confidently purchase your product. The result is a dramatic boost in your online sales and profits.

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Can Articles Pull Traffic to Your Website?

Always place your website URL in the resource box found at the bottom of all your articles. As your articles bearing your URL link make their way to the various e-zines and article directories, an unstoppable viral action is created. The result is an increased chance of clicks that will eventually bring curious prospects to your website.

Since articles are viral, they will keep on driving traffic to your website as long as they remain archived in e-zine and article directories. They can create thousands of portals where anyone who clicks on your links will be led to your website.

Writing many articles and submitting them to the various e-zine and article directories makes your website visible to search engines. These search engines will index your website and later on direct traffic to it. Include powerful keywords in your articles. When people type in keywords relating to your unique niche, search engines will bring up your articles and URL. These prospects will then be directed to your website.

Submit those articles and start making money on your website now.