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Niche Marketing – Eating the Cake of Profits One Piece at a Time

By October 1, 2019March 19th, 2020Marketing

In the world of internet marketing

As in the traditional business environment, there are thousands and thousands of little markets with a huge number of people searching to look if they can find something and with very low or no competition, we call them: niches.

The first thing you must have in mind is to be in the first page of the Google results for a particular niche, but first, you must have the right information about the number of searches and competitors. You must act as a true entrepreneur, we suggest you write a business plan. This plan will guide you through the process to succeed in Internet Marketing.

You can get this information with software specialized in this kind of stuff like KeywordElite. A very good niche would be a niche with 3000 searches per month and 50 pages in the results of Google what is called: competitors.

The next step is to advertise our products with sites that Google loves.

These sites are so powerful that you can dominate niches with little effort. They can dominate because they have very useful information, very specific, right to the point. The first of the powerful sites we said above is Usfreeads. This site is very good. You can have on the first page of the Google results if you have 500 competitors or less.

Remember competitors are the number of pages that Google shows in its results. The title of your ad must be keyword rich and put your keywords in the body many times, and read the Usfreeads term of service.

Discussing charts and graphsThe other site is Ezinearticles. This website puts you on the first page of Google result for your particular niche if you have 2000 competitors or less. Very powerful we think. They have this power because of the high quality of the content they have. They review your article before they post it, and again, read very careful the term of service.

EzineArticles do not accept affiliate links for you to promote. So what you can do is to make a blog with Adsense included, and a review of the product you are trying to sell. Blogger is very good for this task.

You also can open an eBay store because you can publish at very low prices. Did you notice that you saw an eBay offer on the first page of the Google results in the past? Yeah. eBay is a powerful tool for niche marketing too.