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The True Value of SEO for Online Businesses

By October 2, 2019March 19th, 2020Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the biggest, and when properly put to use, most effective tools/systems on the internet for promoting your online business. Search engine optimization does more than just allow your website to show up in search results on all major search engines; it allows you to control when, how, and to where people who submit specific searches are directed to your website. This naturally can be used to great effect online, but only if you know how to harness it. However, many businesses simply view SEO as a technicality that exists only as an optimization and convenience feature for search engines, to be done quickly and sloppily as a slight favor to the search engines, rather than to be used as a tool to shape and perfect one’s own business. SEO can have a lot more value to online marketers and businesses than just a simple indexing tool, but only if its potential is harnessed properly.

SEO is designed to be a quick way for search engines to identify and index what is on a specific webpage without having to scan the whole page every time a search is run.

Analyzing business graphThe indexing process used by search engines follows certain passwords, and it also looks at keywords you place that refer to the page in order to make the process of indexing faster and easier, and to give some say to you in how the pages are indexed by the search engine. What many developers and subsequently online businesses fail to realize is that this gives you the option of using SEO keywords to make a page still appear when a search is run about something that relates to the page, but doesn’t contain words that appear frequently on the page. For example, you could use these keywords to make a page on cars that never uses the word tire to still appear as a primary and early result when somebody searches for a “online tire company.” This is an effective system for controlling who views your website, which pages they view, and for developing free but effective targeted advertising systems.