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6 Important Tips for WordPress Success

By April 24, 2020April 28th, 2020WordPress
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If you are using WordPress to blog, I am sure by now you are familiar with plugins and some basic search engine optimisation. I won’t be covering what most authors have covered under the WordPress usage do and don’t. But taking a new perspective into how successful you want your WordPress blog to be.

Bloggers if you want your blog to be successful. You got to plan your success blueprint. As you know WordPress have many advantages over conventional online blogging software. Make full use of the plugins available to help you move your blogs to the next level.

Do pay attention to the below important tips.

1. Strategic Approach.You need a strategy to add quality content to your blog. Do you prepare your quality content 1 month in advance? Can you go for holiday while your visitors still got new content to read everyday? If not, you are not utilizing the scheduling feature inside WordPress which save you the endless manual work of posting article every day.

2. Forging Alliance.Are you commenting on other people blogs? Do you visit blogs that are related to your niche? You need to show interest in other people blogs before they will return you a favour. Build friendship with similar site and link them before asking for a back link.

3. Blog community.Do you have a community of people who visit you each day? You need to have a community that actively talk about you everyday. They go to your blog not because you got good quality content but for the community participation in commenting what you have written. Are you able to create a topic that keeps people talking or arguing about. All successful blogs have this success trail.

4. Building Your List.Are you building a list for active communication with your visitors? You need to write unique content in the form of ezine or newsletter or ebook for you visitors. Read up on articles on list building. If you got no subscriber list, it is equal to not wearing any clothes.

5. Credibility.How credible are you? Why should I listen to you? The good news is you can borrow credibility from experts in your niche. You will be surprise on how easily it can be done only if you have tried. Trust me there are helpful people out there. Find them and you will find your success.

6. Promote like crazy.Do you have the conviction for success? Most people who are successful are convicted to their success online. They take charge of results. You need to promote your blog whether online or offline. You need to always remember as a marketer you do the most important thing first and that is to promote your blog.

Like a ship in the ocean, you will reach your destination only if you have a map of where you are heading. WordPress is the ship you have chosen; you have the responsibility to bring it the designated harbour.