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The Right Words for Marketing Postcards

By October 31, 2019March 18th, 2020Marketing

Marketing print postcards are not just simple greeting cards you know.

They require a certain kind of writing technique that makes them effective for marketing. If you do not know how to do this for your postcard printing, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will teach you how to compose the right words. Just read on below and discover.

• Direct and straightforward

– Now, wherever you put your text in your marketing print postcards, the first rule in writing your marketing message is to be direct and straightforward. Do not dilly-dally too much with your marketing message since you only have a few seconds to work with in terms of reader attention. Always make your message clear and direct. Do not tell stories or create elaborate metaphors. As long as it is direct to the point, you are on the right track in getting the right words.

• Concise words and phrases

– Besides being direct though, it is also crucial that your words and phrases be concise. It is not enough to be direct about your message. It must be done using the smallest space possible. Therefore, you need to keep things concise. Use the shorter versions of your more complex words and keep your message as efficient as possible with the most information packed in one sentence. This should make them easier to read and understand.

• Add enticements

– Now marketing postcards should not be without their enticements. Since your aim is to make readers react and do something, it is important that you lead them in to the message. So make sure you use the right power words that attract your target readers. Does the word “Sale”, “Free” or “Savings” entice your readers? Do they like more sophisticated words and descriptions? As long as there is something that they can be interested in, you should use it for your marketing postcards.

• Add that call to action

– Finally, the right kind of message in marketing postcards is the ones that call readers to action. They basically should convince readers that they must order something, contact someone or basically do something about what they just read. This call to action is an important thing to say so that they will know if there are really benefits and important realizations to be had when they finish reading.

That is how you choose the right words for postcard printing. Hopefully, this should help you a lot in your marketing campaign.