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The Good and the Bad side of Internet Marketing Giveaways

By August 26, 2019March 20th, 2020Marketing

If you have been online looking to learn about Internet Marketing for any length of time, you will have encountered any of a number of Special “Giveaway” events. Gathered in one place there is advertised the availability of vast quantities of ebooks, reports, software programs, memberships, and more, all for the taking and all supposedly for free! There is truth to this claim as well as a little bit of deception. Let us examine some of the good points of giveaway events and a few of the bad points, or at least, not so good points.

To their advantage, a group of Internet Marketers will band together and offer some product or information to be given away to anyone who wants it. Quite often you will find a few items that are high quality products, well worth the price normally being charged for it. The free giveaway can help the beginning marketer save a lot of time and money on essential tools they will need to make their own business a success.

You will also get an introduction to the marketers who are offering free products for the event.

You can learn the names and get some idea of the business style the individual marketers use. You can begin to hear their message and decide if what they have to say will actually benefit you. You will begin finding out how Internet Marketing works. Even studying the advertisements and sales pitches of these marketers can help demonstrate the many ways a message can be presented and how to modify your own sales pitch for maximum effect.

On the negative side you will find that some giveaway events will not properly monitor the products and services being offered through the giveaway. This lack of attention can leave the user having to wade through a lot of inferior and sometimes useless offerings.

Even with quality material offered in a giveaway event, there is the constant problem of getting around to the material you request. All too often a person will sign up for and download dozens of products at a time and then just never get back to checking out what they have. These “collections” are doubly bad in that all the time taken to acquire the data as well as the information itself is wasted.

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There is a reason these Internet Marketers offer their products for free. The hook is that the products are being used as bait to get you to sign up for their mailing list in order to get the product. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Many Internet Marketers use these double opt-in mailing lists to further educate people about how to make money online. It also presents them with the opportunity to occasionally present a new product to you for sale.

The bad part of having to sign up with the various marketers in order to get the free products is that soon your inbox will be filling up daily with mail from people who’s name you may hardly recognize if you have remembered them at all. This “information overload” can lead to the beginning marketer feeling either overwhelmed by all the information coming at them daily or they develop a callous attitude that doesn’t even bother to see if what is contained in these many offerings is any good or just more repetitive sales pitches.

The sheer volume of products and materials offered can be staggering. It is hard to resist “free” stuff and a tendency to download it all can increase the chances of never actually using it. To get the best advantage out of a giveaway event one should peruse all the offerings first. Then investigate whether a product will fulfill a need you have in your own efforts. Even if the event offers hundreds of programs, carefully choosing just a few that you have an immediate need for will increase the chances that you will actually be able to incorporate them into your own business processes.