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Why Your Business Website Needs an Online Media Room

By January 10, 2020Business Website
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Even if you have a snappy-looking website as a presentation for your business, don’t overlook your potential of increased traffic with an online media room. Businesses of all sizes can create a miniature site that is simply an extension of the main area; this works differently than a static page on a website by adding features and functions.

Making a good impression is one of the goals of any website, but providing plenty of contact information and easy access to the latest news is of equal importance.

Take a look at corporate websites, and there’s always a space reserved for an ‘About Us’ page or ‘Company Info.’ Besides a bio or synopsis of what the business is about, a contacts page can be a lead-in for direct correspondence and even more value.

An online media room is different than the landing page or homepage of the website; it serves as a contact point for any interested parties, and namely, the media. This section should be a part of the website’s main page, and can connect to an entirely new look or extension of the site.

If you’re looking for a way to make your site more comprehensive, consider adding this online media room. Your audience is potential media contacts-journalists, reporters, and potential clients-but you can make it even more interesting to the average web visitor by providing links to industry articles, case studies, and even testimonials. You might also consider adding a topic-specific blog here, an area where media reps can sneak a peak at company news or details relevant to them. This will help you look forward to a new audience of visitors, directly from your media contacts list.

The online media room can be as dynamic or as simple as you want; ideally, you want it to catch the eyes of public relations reps, so providing quality content is a top priority. Your room will essentially be a miniature site; complete with pictures, possibly a video, e-mail lists, quality images, and even a section reserved for press releases. You don’t want to make this section overpowering; if it takes too long to load because of that flash animation bar, it’s time to downsize.

Content provided on this online media room might also include:

-Awards and honors your business has won

-A ‘search this site’ feature

-Opt-in e-mail newsletter specifically for press contacts

-Links to articles throughout the main site

-The latest news release featured in .pdf format

-Breaking news about your company or business

-Easy access to the home page

Give your business website a new addition with an online media room; limit the content to easy downloads and simple graphics, and you can start creating a strong network of PR and marketing contacts with ease!