LineLogic Cloud Website Hosting

One of the key features of our web solutions is Website cloud hosting. With this service in your grasp, you will be able to stay up and functional even when other websites experience downtime.
If you have been relying on dedicated or shared servers so far, you are already aware of the risks you face if these servers were to go down (which is not unusual). Downtime is frustrating, and it costs you money. Not to mention the impression you leave on your customers. Our cloud hosting service will ensure that you always stay online and functional. It will also go a long way in building your rapport with your visitors when you deliver consistent service without interference.
Our website cloud hosting is scalable according to your needs. We will give you access to more virtual servers when your site grows and needs more resources. A lot of websites struggle with their hosting capabilities when they are growing because they rely only on physical servers. The memory you access in these cloud servers can also be decreased if your website requires it.
It will bring stability and reliability to your website. Ordinary websites can suffer slow-downs or malfunctions when they receive a sudden influx of users and visitors. With website cloud hosting, you do not have to worry about whether your server can bear the load. You will have access to a steady resource of hosting servers so that your visitors do not even notice if there is high or low traffic.
Cloud hosting is cost-effective and will help your profits. Dedicated servers are expensive to procure. When your website gains more clients and visitors, acquiring new dedicated servers will cost you a small fortune, and it will happen regularly as your business expands. Additionally, downtimes can cost you thousands of dollars even in a few hours if you cannot acquire new servers. We can tackle all these issues with cloud hosting because it is cheaper than dedicated hosting and will prevent downtime.

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