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The Impact of Women on the Marketing Strategy

By September 25, 2019March 20th, 2020Marketing

For sales and marketing strategists, women have become a key demographic in the development of sales campaigns.

With their intuitive abilities, and capability to see the big picture, women often make key financial and purchasing decisions in families today. For this reason, as a sales and marketing professional, understanding how to market to the female demographic may be the key to move your product into the next generation of sales success.

A female brain is a powerful tool.

With the ability to interconnect a variety of senses simultaneously, the sales and marketing force, behind women, is remarkable. With the ability to make or break a product campaign, advertisers must be careful when catering to the female population as women, as a general rule, process a marketing campaign more holistically than men. So, does this mean creating a sales and marketing campaign, to the female population, may be more difficult than one that is created to the male population?

Possibly. Because women have a great ability to connect to their limbic system and can pass information from the left side of the brain to the right side more quickly, women will notice inconsistencies in a sales and marketing campaign much faster than the male counterpart. For this reason, companies must not be laxed in their approach to resolve conflict or inconsistent messages as the power of the female brain will notice these issues rather quickly.

Additionally, women, as a general rule, tend to be more focus on learning and observing.

For this reason, travel is important to most women and, generally, involves strategic planning and understanding. So is true for the products they purchase. While emotional ties can be linked to a product, women will often not purchase on emotion and, instead, research and understand their options first. The key, however, to retaining lasting impression is to tie in an emotional aspect of the product to ensure a woman remembers the product as part of her consideration and thought process.

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And, finally, when developing a brand that caters to the needs of a woman, be sure to include essential elements in the sales and marketing campaign that cater to a woman’s core values. Such elements might include subtle reminders as to how a woman’s life can be improved by the product and demonstrate the use of the product or service by other women as a way to show women are bonding by the experience instilled in the product or service you are marketing.

As women hold the key buying power of many families, it is important to create a narrow and effective marketing strategy to cater to the powerful minds of women. With the ability to apply both reason and emotion to the marketplace, advertising campaigns must be certain to send the right message at the right time to the right gender.