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Three Linking Techniques to Build Readership and Sales

By October 7, 2019March 18th, 2020Marketing

A blog’s marketing gives the website owner the opportunity to use many types of marketing techniques with his readers. Some of these techniques will attract new readers some of these will keep readers engaged in your products. Your Blog Marketing efforts can be multiplied in ways to give your more bang for your buck, essentially more juice for each post.

One of the techniques that you have the most control over is linking.

When you are linking with in you site you typically are thinking about linking to the next posts. One of the best techniques is to look at much older posts and tie them to newer or updated posts. The theory is that older posts have history on the internet.

When you go back to one of your older posts you go back to a post that has already been indexed on the search engines. Then you add your link to your newer, updated post. This leads the reader to more of your information. It also leads the web crawler and search engines to your new information.

The process of linking leads us to a second technique. Typically when you think of placing backlinks you think of a list at the end. A slightly different technique is to place your links in the body of your posts. Of course you should do this with link in current information and links you place in your older posts.

Finally, another interesting technique is to use a search engine to do a Blog Search for the keywords you are using that day or that post.

Then go to several of the posts from other people that you find. Make sure they actually use the keywords or long tailed keywords then post part of a relevant comment. The other half of the comment should be in your post for that day.

Even when the comments on other blogs do not allow you to include your link go ahead and comment anyway. Make sure you keep track of these blogs, the ones that use similar keywords but do not allow following. People are routinely looking for blogs that do allow them to add your links.

If you comment on the ones who do not and do it regularly you can reap benefits that other people will miss. Good and regular commenting will encourage that Blog’s readership to become curious and search for you. Then a connection can be built to your products.