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SEO 101. What is SEO? and Why Your Website Needs It.

By August 16, 2019March 24th, 2020Search Engine Optimization

SEO 101. What is SEO and Why Your Website Needs It.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. These are the rules and tricks used to gain better rankings on search engines. Website ranks are determined by various complex algorithms used by search engines. It is important to optimize your website, so as to receive a high-ranking when specific key terms are entered in Google. these key terms are known as keywords.

Terms Keywords

Keywords are the terms people use when searching online. For example, when looking for a local bar, you would type the term “bar in Nairobi” or “Nairobi Bars”. Google will then look for websites that match that criteria. The results will also be sorted according to relevance. One goal of SEO, is to ensure your page gets the highest ranking possible.


A good SEO strategy will result in a higher ranking for your website. A good search page ranking is essential for traffic generation, but it’s not the ultimate goal of SEO. The traffic that is brought to your website should result in conversions . It would then be wrong to assume that increased traffic = increased sales


Conversions are objective you set depending on your website’s goal. Your goal could be to get as many visitors as possible if your Ads pay per impression, or it could be to sell something. This is the ability to convert a visit to a sale. This is the main goal of SEO and all strategies should be geared towards achieving conversions.

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SEO is not to be confused with paid Ads or paid rankings. Paid Ads are very good at generating traffic and interest, but they tend to be costly. Even companies that can afford $50 PPC (Pay Per Click) still use SEO heavily for their campaigns.

In this series we shall be discussing proper SEO strategies that will work wonders for your website. All the search engine optimization strategies require patience and lots of work. Search engines evolve over time which means your strategies have to keep up. Abuse of any of these techniques for Spam could get your website kicked out of Google index altogether.

A good SEO strategy should promote your website and make the internet a better place at the same time.