Will your website fall victim to hackers?

By November 16, 2018 August 13th, 2019 Website Development

Imagine you’re met with two doors; the first is 50ft tall made of pure steel, the other is made of plywood with no door handle. Which door would you choose? Obviously, the path of least resistance. The better question would be, which door describes your website?

Regardless if it’s built with HTML, WordPress, or any other platform it is constantly venerable to attack. Is your website or server infected right now? Do you have automated security measures to check for consistency?

The majority of business owners cannot confidently answer that question, putting their businesses assets and digital presence at risk. Truthfully, checking your website for security risks isn’t that hard if you have the right service and the right people behind you. That’s where we come in! LineLogic offers an easy to use, affordable, fully managed website hosting so you can focus on what you do best, leave the rest to us!

Vulnerability audits are essential to security welfare of any company’s digital presence. Your website needs to be constantly scanned and monitored to ensure it doesn’t pick up any nasty bugs or malicious code.

Many businesses confuse anti-virus checks with a full vulnerability audit. Almost all website hosting companies have anti-virus included in their plans, but an anti-virus check alone does not look at security as a whole. Web-Server configuration, network security, and known exploits such as the notorious Heartbleed should also be considered.

Our biggest recommendation would be to not be an easy target. Hackers are human…well, sometimes. Regardless of what’s attacking you, they’ll always go after the low hanging fruit. Why would you attack a fortress if a shed would reap the same benefits?

Hosting your website behind a firewall (or in our case, multiple) is essential for the continued safety of your website. It checks for things like SQL, JSON, XML, and LDAP injections. You also have to ensure the server your website is hosted on is hardened. Operating system hardening service addresses security deficiencies in operating systems by installing the latest OS patches & updates and eliminating any bloatware or unnecessary plugins, or applications.

Our cloud servers are managed and monitored by a 24x7x365 dedicated team. We layer our security for the very best protection.

  1.  It starts with CloudFlare filtering out any bad visitors or DDOS attacks.
  2.  We then pass the good visitors over to our main firewall which filters out a slew of other advanced attacks. (for security, we don’t disclose brands)
  3.  After the second step, almost all visitors are clean. We then will move to a website WAF (web application firewall) which will filter out any remaining threats
  4.  Cybersecurity never stops. We have to constantly monitor our servers for malware and other files out of place. Unfortunately, no system is perfect! However, layering security and always staying up-to-date on the latest trends will protect your business’s valuable assets.

I know all of this can be a bit much, that’s why we recommend LineLogic’s Fully Managed Websites! We take care of everything, including everything from Website Cloud Hosting to off-site backups. We ensure that your website is secure and in tiptop condition. Some of our plans even include development hours.

The headaches of managing websites are over! Our professional staff will take excellent care of you while our transparent billing policies give you peace of mind, so you can be confident you’re getting the best value. Contact us today to get started!